DES MOINES (February 4, 2019) – As of February 1, 2019, SafeNetRx-Pharmacy and National Foundation for Transplants (NFT) have partnered together to bring affordable medication to Iowa transplant patients. NFT assists families with financial hardships by providing grants for transplant related expenses, and now their patients will also have access to either free or at-cost prescription medication through SafeNetRx-Pharmacy.

SafeNetRx, an Iowa-based non-profit, recently launched a mail order pharmacy and can conveniently serve qualified NFT patients in the state. NFT will refer their patients to SafeNetRx-Pharmacy for prescription needs, and patients can contact SafeNetRx-Pharmacy directly to arrange prescription fulfillment.

“Partnering with SafeNetRx-Pharmacy was a natural collaboration. On average, transplant patients spend $10,000 to $14,000 per year in immunosuppressants alone. Not only will this partnership assist low-to-moderate income families in reducing their out-of-pocket medication expense, it will allow our clients to better afford basic life necessities such as food, housing, health insurance and other life expenses,” explains Michelle Gilchrist, President and CEO for National Foundation for Transplants.

Jon Rosmann, CEO of SafeNetRx echoes this sentiment, “Transplant patients and their families face serious physical, emotional, and financial challenges. Access to medication touches all three areas and is a burden we can eliminate through our partnership with the National Foundation for Transplants. It’s an opportunity to improve the lives of transplant patients while decreasing healthcare costs so other needs can be addressed.”

Covered medications through this partnership include transplant related medication, maintenance medications which led to the need for a transplant and medications prescribed due to adverse reactions related to treatment.

Currently, NFT serves all 50 states, plus all US territories, and SafeNetRx-Pharmacy serves all of Iowa. While this partnership will immediately serve Iowans, additional US states will be served in future plans.

SafeNetRx-Pharmacy is a nonprofit established in 2001 to address the medication needs of vulnerable patients. SafeNetRx-Pharmacy patients are qualified for assistance and provided their prescriptions free or at cost with no markup.

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