National Foundation for Transplants Announces Closure After 41 Years of Service

Memphis, TN, April 8th – After 41 years of dedicated service, the National Foundation for Transplants (NFT) announces that it will cease operations.

Since our inception, we have been honored to work alongside you, our community, to make a difference in the lives of transplant recipients and their families. Despite our dedicated efforts, economic strain post-pandemic, compounded by inflation impacts on the healthcare sector, increasingly higher operational costs, and a decrease in fundraising has led us to this difficult decision.

Over the years we have accomplished remarkable milestones. Together, we have raised $98 million, including $84 million through peer-to-peer fundraising efforts and impacting more than 6,400 individuals. This noteworthy achievement speaks volumes about the generosity and compassion of our community. In the last decade, we have welcomed 380 new individuals each year extending our reach and impact nationwide. During this time, we have also provided an average of $2 million in grants annually to help alleviate the financial burden of transplant-related Expenses.

“We are immensely proud of the impact we have made over the past four decades,” said Marcus Martinez, Chairman of NFT. “… and we are deeply grateful to our community of donors, partners, supporters, and volunteers who have stood by us in our mission to provide hope and assistance to transplant recipients and their families.” Alternative resources and support services will be provided to ensure that individuals continue to have the opportunity to receive the assistance they need.

NFT extends its heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has been a part of its journey. The legacy of its mission will endure in the lives it has touched and the hearts it has uplifted.


National Foundation for Transplants Board of Directors

Due to the high volume of questions we’ve been receiving, we want to ensure that everyone receives prudent information. We are committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to receive answers as quickly as possible. To assist you more efficiently, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions


The Adopt-a-Patient site offers donors information to help them relate, connect, and give to individuals in need.  This practical tool answers the questions of how their financial donation will be used and whose life can be saved or healed.

Second Chance Saturday

Meet NFT newest transplant patients.  We look forward to serving them, their transplant center, medical professionals, family and friends.

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There are three key areas that highlight the many ways we help patients and their families navigate the organ transplant journey.

Fundraising Guidance

A fundraising consultant is assigned to every patient to assist their fundraising campaign. Consultants are full-time staff members, available M-F, 8:30 to 4:30 CST.

Payments & Reimbursement

Patients financial needs are immediate.  NFT provides prompt processing of submitted payment requests via direct payment to providers or direct deposit to the patient.

Peace of Mind

NFT relies on public trust to do our work and strive to continuously maintain that trust through our commitment to ethical principles, transparency, and accountability.  Our operation is one of the most efficient of its kind.


“NFT took a great deal of stress off my family and me, so I could focus on healing. I was given a second chance to raise my son and to be around for many years to come.”

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