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Jim Taylor, a writer for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, in his Savvy Senior beat, received a question from a senior citizen, “Am I too old to be an organ donor?”

The question came from a senior who said he never thought about becoming an organ donor until his brother died of kidney failure last year.  But now at age 78, he wonders if he is too old to be a donor, or if his organs could be used if he were to die from COVID-19.

These are some serious questions coming from a senior citizen who wants to help give someone else a second chance at life.

Jim’s answer about age was, “There’s no cutoff age for being an organ donor. Anyone, regardless of age or medical history, can sign up. Many people well up into their 80s donate. The decision to use your organs is based on health of the organ, not age. So don’t disqualify yourself prematurely. Let the doctors decide at your time of death whether your organs and tissues are suitable for transplantation.”

His answer regarding COVID-19 was more complicated.  Read Jim’s response here.

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