Frequently Asked Questions

Fundraising with NFT offers an opportunity to overcome financial barriers that impede or prevent patients from receiving a life-saving transplant.  We hope these answers address some of your most pressing questions about managing your fundraising page.


Will having an online, fundraising website affect my income or benefits?

Funds raised utilizing NFT’s fundraising platform or tools will not impact your medical benefits or income.  NFT does not represent any patient who chose to fundraise independently.

How do I login to my personal website?

Type your personal website address into your browser address bar.  Bookmark your page once it loads so that you can return to your webpage quickly and easily.

Once your page loads, look for the profile pic icon (a silhouette against a background).  The profile pic icon may also be a small picture of the patient.  On most devices, the profile pic icon is located in the top, right of the screen.

The username is usually the patient’s email address.

If you’re a new patient, you will receive password instructions in your welcome email.

If you cannot find or reset your password, or need both your username and password, please write to   Please include your phone number in your request.

How will supporters find my personal fundraising webpage?

You or your campaign team will share your personal website address to your circle of supporters.  They can insert the web address in an email message or in a post on social media.  (Also see Text-to-Give)

Supporters can type your personal fundraising webpage address in the browser address bar.  Your webpage will load.

If you’re a new NFT patient, your fundraising consultant will send you a welcome email after you approve your Appeal Letter.  The message will contain your personal, lifetime web address.  It will look like this:

You can also acquire your webpage address by contacting your fundraising consultant at 800-489-3863

What is Text-To-Give? Can I use the service?

NFT offers a Text-to-Give (TTG) service which patients can use at special events or on posters, for example.

TTG is a quick way supporters can make a donation using their phone,  Supporters use their cell phone and text a phrase to a specific number.  This will allow them to gain quick access to a simplified donation form for the patient.

If you do not have your Text-to-Give information, call your fundraising consultant at 800-489-3863 to request information for your service.

Will donations mailed to your office appear on my website too?

Yes, we call these types of gifts, offline donations.  After a check or electronic fund transfer for the patient is received in our office and processed, we upload offline donations to your website.

The amount of the donation and the donor’s name will appear on the recognition scroll located at your website and in your fundraising reports that are available at your website.

What about my special events and fundraisers?

You can “Update” your website to include special messages or announcements.  Each message or announcement can be shared separately in email messages or on social media.  Header information about your special message or announcement will appear on your main fundraising page.

Will my donors be recognized on my website?

Yes, donors are recognized by name and amount donated unless they chose to remain anonymous.

How do I access donation reports?

Go to your personal fundraising website

Once your page loads, use the profile pic icon to login to your page.  Once logged in, you’ll see a menu that allows the patient (or their representative) to view and print a list of donations made to their campaign.

If you need help locating reports, please write to and include your phone number in the email message.

Are donations made to my campaign tax deductible?

Yes.  Donations made to patient campaigns are tax deductible but are subject to IRS rules and guidelines.

Supporters who make a donation at your website will immediately receive an email confirmation of their donation.

How do I edit my webpage?

Type your personal webpage address in the address bar of your browser (or click the bookmark for your site) to go to your fundraising webpage.  Use the profile pic icon to login.

After you login to your site, you’ll notice a menu will load on the left hand side of your page.  Use the edit icon which resembles a pencil, to make changes to your page.  See example below.


Has the way we submit invoices for payment changed?

No, continue to send your reimbursement or payment requests to Patient Services at

How are fundraising fees handled?

NFT continues to charge a 3% fundraising fee.

The patient’s campaign is charged a modest fee for credit card processing.  However, the donor is presented an option to cover the credit card processing fee so that 100% of the donation reaches NFT.

Are you planning any online training about the new site?

Yes we are.  Stay tuned.  You’ll receive an email message inviting you to an online training session to help you get the most out of your fundraising website.