Losing a loved one is never easy.  Working through grief can be a long, hard process.  To channel their grief, many families chose to honor their loved ones by helping others.

“While some people erect plaques, statues or buildings to remember a loved one who has transitioned, others start foundations, scholarships or memorial funds.  While there is no minimum financial requirement to start a foundation, the process can be laborious. There are many costs and responsibilities associated with doing so. A board must be set up, regular filings are required and meetings must be held and minutes kept,” wrote Abby Ellin for the New York Times in her piece titled, “Honoring a Loved One with a Charitable Fund.”

Many rule out the possibility of a foundation due to the complexity of establishing a foundation and the rigorous management and oversight required.  “It takes a great deal of time, effort, and thought to work through all the areas of law, finance, and management that need to be considered,” said Elizabeth Krempley, a spokeswoman for the Council on Foundations in the article written by Ellin.

Establishing a scholarship fund appeals to many who seek to honor the memory of a loved one.  Many families find, however, a scholarship fund is a major two-step process:  Establish the fund and then find a mechanism, like online fundraising, to compliment offline efforts.

We know and understand that when someone dies, they don’t disappear completely; they remain in memories.  At the National Foundation for Transplants (NFT), we help simplify the process of establishing a memorial fund named after a loved one.  We offer families a venue for them and others to honor their loved ones with philanthropic acts of kindness.

Why families create a Memorial Fund?

  • To raise money for a cause that was important to their loved one.
  • Provide others a chance to express their sympathy by making a positive contribution to a worthy cause in their loved one’s honor.
  • To carry forth their loved one’s legacy.

How does NFT help?

  • Get started without start-up fees or incurring annual maintenance cost.
  • Provide no cost personalized website featuring loved one’s photo and story.
  • Offer donors the ease of making their gift online.
  • Secure credit card processing with a minimal per transaction fee.
  • Give supporters a way to make tax-deductible donations.
  • Families can chose which NFT program to fund and determine the amount to be awarded per grant.
  • Provide an automated, tailored thank you message from the family to each donor.
  • Provide family with complete and timely reports detailing funds raised and grants made.

After 30+ years of service to the transplant community NFT has demonstrated sound fundraising and grant making abilities.  NFT has emerged as an organization with strong fiduciary expertise.  We strive to be transparent.   NFT is trusted to provide management and fund oversight for the people we serve.

If you’re seeking to honor the memory of a transplant donor, organ recipient, or for altruistic reasons, let us help.  Consider creating a memorial fund in honor of your loved one with NFT.

Start today.