The cafeteria worker at the kids school?

A neighbor down the street?
Your brother or sister? Father or mother?
Your best friend’s child or even your own?
A stranger?

Whose life can you save?
They may be closer than you think.


The Benefits of Living Donation

There are two major hurdles facing a patient who needs a life saving transplant: Securing a donated organ and paying the financial cost of medical care. Common donated organs such as a kidney, portion of the liver, or bone marrow can be transplanted from a living donor.

Not everyone can afford the expense of receiving a life-saving procedure or helping to save a life through a living organ donation.

Benefits of Living Donor Transplant

Source:  UMPC Transplant Services

Living-donor transplant offers many advantages including the benefit of knowing they are giving someone a second chance at life. According to the experts, the outcomes of a transplant where the donor is a living donor compared to a deceased-organ donor are much more improved.  Organs usually function immediately. The risk of transplant failure is greatly reduced.

There is little or no wait time.  Transplants can take place quicker. With a living donor, transplant recipients can avoid transplant waitlist which sometimes stretches across years.  Surgery can be scheduled at a time convenient for the the living donor and recipient. Recipients recover faster and the majority of organ donors return to a full and active life within months.  Recovery is also shorter because the organ donor is a healthy, living person.

For all of our success, there are more patients every year who need our help. Help us fulfill our mission.

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