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The COVID-19 pandemic has created special challenges for transplant patients.  Included among the “most vulnerable population” by the Center for Disease Control these patients also face significant financial challenges.

Two doctors who are also organ transplant recipients make the case for transplant patients in an article found at the National Foundation for Transplants COVID-19 Response Center.  Drs. Lilian Lam and Alin Gragossian are heart transplant recipients.  In their jointly-written article they present transplant patients as members of an at-risk, immunocompromised population.

To help pay for critical medical services, many of these patients depend on donations to the National Foundation for Transplants (NFT) made possible through the work of NFT volunteers across the nation.  Traditionally, NFT has relied on special events to generate funds to help close the gap to remove financial barriers that prevent transplant patients from receiving life-saving care and medical treatment.  However, with social distancing mandates in place across the country, these events have been cancelled or postponed including one of NFT’s largest, annual fundraising events, the Lights for Life Neon 5k.

“These patients need our help now, more than ever,” says Michelle Gilchrist, CEO of the National Foundation for Transplants.  “While our digital fundraising platform is still operational, we have created the Lifeline Relief Fund to help close the financial gap which will allow us to continue serving transplant patients when they need us most.  Those who care about the plight of transplant patients have supported our work since 1983.  We’re asking that these patients not be forgotten.” she continued.

Learn more about NFT’s support of transplant patients during this pandemic by visiting the National Foundation for Transplant’s Covid-19 Response Center