GoFundMe Charity via the National Foundation for Transplants


Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between GoFundMe and GoFundMe Charity?

With the new NFT fundraising platform on GoFundMeCharity, your benefits nor income will be affected.  Additionally, donors can still claim their donation to your campaign as a tax deduction.

NFT, does not represent any patient who chose to fundraise independently on the regular GoFundMe platform.

How will the change to GoFundMe Charity affect my fundraising page?

Your old fundraising page will have a link to your new fundraising page through the end of 2020.  Beginning, January 1, 2021, anybody who use your old fundraising link will automatically see your new fundraising page at NFT’s GoFundMe Charity platform.

What will happen to the amount of money shown raised towards my fundraising goaal?

An all time total will be applied towards the goal on the new GoFundMe Charity platform so that visitors to your page can see how much has been raised towards your goal and how much remains to be raised to meet your goal.

Will donor names from my old fundraising page appear on my new fundraising page?

Only the amount given by donors on your old fundraising page will be carried over to your new page and be substracted from your goal amount.  Only your new donor names will appear on your recognition panel at the new site.

What will happen to my Participant Center?

When you login to your campaign on the National Foundation for Transplants GoFundMe Charity platform, you will be able to:

–see who has donated to you,
–send emails to donors,
–change your transplant story,
–send updates about your journey,
–add photos and videos.

Will my login information change?

Yes.  Your username will remain the same but your password has changed.  You should have received an email message containing your username and password.  

We suggest you wait at least 5 days before changing your password as NFT may need to tweak areas of your new fundraising page.

IMPORTANT:  NFT cannot reset or change your password.  If you forget your password, use the “Forgot Password” link at the GoFundMe Charity sign-in section to reset your password.

Will the fundraising fees increase with the switch to GoFundMe Charity?

No, your fees will not increase.  Actually, the cost to accept online donations will decrease.

Can members of my campaign team fundraise on my behalf?

Yes!  This is one of the most attractive features at the new site.  Just share the link to your fundraising page and ask your committee (or anyone) to create a team under your campaign which will create a new fundraising page that they can control.  However, any funds raised will be credited to your fundraising account.

Are you planning any online training about the new site?

Yes we are.  Stay tuned.  You’ll receive an email message inviting you to an online training session about the new National Foundation for Transplants GoFundMe Charity fundraising site.

What about my special events and fundraisers?

You can use your campaign on the new GoFundMe Charity site to setup pages for virtual events and/or sell tickets to events or for merchandise.

Has the way we submit invoices for payment changed?

No, continue to send your reimbursement or payment requests to Patient Services at patientservices@transplants.org

How will I know I'm at GoFundMe Charity for NFT and not GoFundMe for individuals?

You’ll know you’re in the right place on the GoFundMe platform for NFT patients by the web address.

Wrong Place!
Individuals fundraising on the GoFundMe platform web address begins with:  www.GoFundMe.com

Right Place
Patients fundraising with NFT on the GoFundMe Charity platform web address begins with:  charity.GoFundMe.com