Living Donor

Be a Living Donor

The list of organ transplant patients grows each year, significantly outpacing the availability of traditionally transplantable organs, and a Living Donor – a healthy person who donates an organ to another in need – is the only hope for a second chance. As a Living Donor, you will immediately increase the existing organ supply and enable more patients to receive transplants.

Benefits of being a Living Donor

  • Provides an organ, such as a kidney, that has a higher success rate and may last longer than a traditionally transplantable organ
  • May prevent or reduce the time a patient requires dialysis treatment
  • Offers convenience as procedure may be scheduled and enables the ability to plan ahead

Living Donors: The best hope for many transplant patients

We work with Living Donors to bridge the gaps in financial coverage they may encounter by covering costs of lost wages, uncovered pre- and post-medical expenses, travel assistance, pharmaceuticals and more.

For all of our success, there are more patients every year who need our help. Help us fulfill our mission.