“If you have a car, motorcycle, ATV, lawn mower, bicycle, or pony, please join us on Highland Street,” Richard Creamer announced. “Let’s show little Genny and her family some big love.”

Creamer, referred to as a hero for his thoughtfulness, is the neighbor of a sweet, little girl in need of a heart transplant.  Initially, according to The Gardner News, Creamer thought he was appealing to just his biker friends.  What started as a call to action to his brotherhood resulted in a huge parade in support of Genny, the six-year old, brown-eyed heart transplant, patient who has one tooth missing.

On a small, side street located near downtown Gardner, Maine, Creamer thought he could stage the parade at his house a few doors down from Genny’s home.  “But the response grew and grew until he realized he needed more space to line up more vehicles. There were motorcycles from the east, and more motorcycles from the north. There were police cars, a fire truck and even an ambulance,” according to Doneen Durling a reporter for The Gardner News.

Genny mother, Caitlin DiFava, says her daughter has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS).  She was born missing the left side of her heart.

While the parade was for Genny, her twin sister enjoyed the festive parade too.  Both girls were dressed in flowing gowns and wore twinkling tiaras.  It was their birthday and they enjoyed the day in typical princess style.  They turned from six to seven years old.  Their friends turned up dressed in costumes to help them celebrate.  Many of the parade participants also wore costumes.

Darling reported, “Lt. Matt DiFava of the Nashua Police Department is father to the twins. He was accompanied by others in his department, who followed the long parade as it wound through the back streets.”

The parade and the outpouring of love from the Gardner community will hopefully provide precious memories for months and years to come.  Genny could spend up to the next year at Children’s Hospital waiting for a heart.

The National Foundation for Transplant wish Genny and her family best wishes on their transplant journey.

A heart transplant can cost well over $1.4 million.  Transplant recipients will need expensive drugs for life to protect their new heart.  If you or a loved one are in need of a life-saving transplant and seeking help overcoming the financial burden related to medical cost, consider allowing NFT to offer support.  Become a NFT patient.