How to Make a Donation to a Patient’s Campaign when the patient has no website:

When a patient doesn’t have a webpage, their supporters can still make an online donation in their honor.  Here’s how.:

Go to NFT’s organization donation page at

In the donation form, select the checkmark next to “Add a dedication”

The dedication panel will be shown, and under the “Dedication Type” the donor should select the “In honor of” option.

In the field labeled “Name of Addressee” the donor should type in the name of the NFT patient.

You can also use this section of the checkout process to give In Honor of, On Behalf of, or In Memory of a specific person.  You can also send that person (or their family) an email message alerting them to your donation.

Complete the rest of the donation form.

It is that easy.  By following the steps above, your donation will be credited to the patient’s fundraising campaign.