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The number of people on the organ transplant waitlist continues to outpace the number of organ donors.  Colorado is aiming to turn those stats upside down.  In 2018, Colorado led the country in number of registered organ donors.  An astonishing 69.1% of Coloradans signed up to donate an organ, eye or tissue in 2018.  The national average is 49%.  In second place is the state of Michigan with 64.4% followed by Arkansas with 61.9%.

One of the leading agencies in donor registration is Colorado’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  The DMV staff recently received the Donate Life America DMV Innovation Award for its collaboration with Donor Alliance.

Read more about how Coloradans are changing the numbers.  Don’t forget, DMV Appreciation Week is coming up Sept. 23-27.  If you’re in Colorado, extend a special thank you to their staff.  Encourage friends and family to donate life and wherever you live let the staff at your local DMV know how much you appreciate their life saving effort.

Learn about NFT’s Living Donor Program

The list of organ transplant patients grows each year, significantly outpacing the availability of traditionally transplantable organs, and a Living Donor – a healthy person who donates an organ to another in need – is the only hope for a second chance.  Be a Living Donor!